My Plate My Day


Teaching Guide

MyPlateMyDay is an online teaching tool that will help learners use the concepts of MyPlate to plan for a day of meals and snacks while making healthier food choices. It was developed with regional foods in mind, and it teaches participants how to categorize those foods within the food groups. The overall goal is to extend the concepts of MyPlate to MyPlateMyDay. To help learners reflect, ask them questions that tie this experience to MyPlate, such as specifics about whole grains or getting enough fruits and vegetables.

Preparation and Recommendations

  1. Play MyPlateMyDay and get familiar with the tool.

How to Begin

  1. Have the learners open the tools on their phone or tablet (
  2. Allow learners to explore, and guide them as necessary.
  3. You can ask learners to work in pairs or individually, based on the class needs.

Guiding Discussion

  1. Ask guiding questions while they are using the tools:
    • “Does anything you are seeing so far surprise you?”
    • “Have you seen a caution symbol?”
    • “What kinds of strategies did you use to make sure half of your grains were whole grains?”
    • “How many vegetable servings do you have for the day?”

Wrapping up

  1. Ask open-ended questions allowing learners to reflect about their experience:
    1. “Let’s talk about the day you have created in the tool…”
    2. “What could you do differently for tomorrow?”
    3. “Who might benefit from this tool, and how?”
    4. “What did you learn about YOUR diet and needs?”
  2. After learners have used it once, encourage them to start again and plan a different diet for a different day.
  3. Close by encouraging learners to share MyPlateMyDay with families and friends.

* This tool works well as a companion to the Eating Smart Being Active (ESBA) lessons, to help extend learning and reinforce healthy eating concepts.

Make it a healthier day . . .MyPlateMyDay!

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