My Plate My Day

Puerto Rico


Accessibility Statement

Accessibility for electronic educational material is a work in progress across the industry. Our team continually seeks solutions to make our products fully accessible and strive to adhere to established accessibility standards and usability. Here, we summarize the accessible features included in both the New Mexico and Puerto Rico interactives, so that learners are better able to find alternative content and ways of learning.

Context of Application

MyPlateMyDay helps guide and plan what users would like to eat! Learn how your favorite foods fit into a MyPlate guide, how to split favorite combination foods into the MyPlate categories, and get help finding easy ways to eat more of what you need.

Approach & Input Devices

accessibility device input image

This interactive is accessible through any computer web-based browser, can be navigated via mouse, trackpad, and/or key strokes, and is supported by screen reading software, such as VoiceOver and NVDA.

Audio & Subtitles

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Both New Mexico and Puerto Rico interactives contain an introductory video with voice narrations accompanied by letterboxed subtitles. The audio can be turned on/off via on screen buttons.


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Both the New Mexico and Puerto Rico interactives are available in English and Spanish.